Otaru Canal Cruise


Do you provide cruises in languages other than Japanese?

The narration by our captains on regular cruises is in Japanese. However, if you arrange a charter cruise, the captain can play audio guidance explaining about the Otaru Canal for you in either English, Chinese or Korean.
Again, Canal 2, Canal 3, Canal 5 and Canal 6 have been fitted with an audio guidance system. This system allows guests from overseas taking our regular cruises to listen to the same explanation by earphone. Explanation is available in English, Chinese and Korean, and earphones are provided free of charge.

Is it necessary to book in advance?

If seats available you can take our cruises even if you have not made a booking. Many people take our cruises in the weekend, during Golden Week and during the summer holidays, and our night cruises are popular even on week nights. If you are thinking about taking a cruise at any of these times, we recommend booking in advance by e-mail or telephone. Again, it is possible to make booking at the ticket center. Please tell our staff there if you would like to do so.

Where do cruises start and finish?
The starting point and finishing point for all cruises is the dock at the Chuobashi Bridge. Please be aware that it is not possible to get off part way through the cruise.
Will cruises operate if it rains?
Our cruises will operate even if it is rains. We will provide passengers with light-weight, plastic rain jackets if it is raining before departure or if it starts raining during the cruise. However, in the case of heavy rain, heavy snow, thunder storms, extremely strong winds and extremely high tides, cruises will be cancelled for the safety of our passengers.
* For safety reasons, please do not use an umbrella on board.
What should I wear?
We recommend wearing light clothing during the summer months as it can get very hot. Again, we recommend dressing warmly in the spring, autumn and winter.
Can I choose my seat?
As the number of seats on each boat is limited, it may not be possible to choose where you sit. We will show people to the boat in the order that they line up in the boarding area, and will do our best to see that people from the same group are seated on the same boat. Again, if the boat is full, we may ask passengers to share a seat with someone from another group. As every cruise is a return trip, you can enjoy the same views in most areas wherever you are seated on the boat.
Can I eat, drink and smoke onboard?
We do not sell food at the ticket center, but our passengers are welcome to bring food and drinks (including alcohol) onboard and consume it during the cruise. However, smoking is not allowed onboard. Again, please be aware that people who are intoxicated may not be allowed to board.
Are pets allowed onboard?

Cats, dogs and other pets are not allowed onboard. However, when necessary, guide dogs may be brought onboard.

Do you offer a discount for elderly people?
We are sorry but we do not offer such a discount. We offer discounts for groups and for disabled people, so please make use of these if they apply to you.
Do you offer private charters?
We have plans for individuals and groups wanting to make private charters. There have been a number people who have used these plans for birthday parties, marriage proposals, taking wedding photos etc. Please be aware that the charter price depends upon the boat chartered. See this page for details.
Can I store bags etc. at the ticket center?
We cannot look after bags and other belongings for our customers while they are on the boat. Please store bags etc. in a locker, or bring them onto the boat.
Is there space for changing diapers and breast feeding at the ticket center?

There is no such space at the ticket center. Please use the facilities at the Canal Plaza, which is a 1-minute walk from the ticket center.

Can I store bags etc. at the ticket center?
We cannot look after bags and other belongings for our customers while they are on the boat. Please store bags etc. in a locker, or bring them onto the boat.
Payment options?

You can pay for your cruise in cash or using most major credit cards (VISA, mastercard,
JCB etc.)
It is necessary to pay for charter cruises by bank transfer. We will provide payment
details after your reservation is finalized.

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