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Online reservations (regular cruises)

Reservations will be accepted up until 15:00 of the day before any cruise date.
Please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page before making a reservation.

About bad weather

We may cancel cruises without notice because of sudden downpours, strong winds etc. Refunds will be provided when cruises are cancelled because of bad weather.

About on-the-day ticket sales

There are a number of seats on each cruise for which tickets will be sold on the day. If the seats available for reservation on your preferred cruise are all taken, please buy on-the-day tickets or reserve a cruise at a different time.
On-the-day ticket sales will normally start 30 minutes before the departure time of the first cruise of the day.
Please be aware that we may temporarily stop ticket sales if bad weather is expected. Ticket sales will restart when we can start operating again.

Day Cruises(cruises before sunset)
Our 35 to 40-minute long scenic cruises depart from the conveniently-located Chuo Bridge, visit the Asakusa Bridge and North Canal, and also pass through Otaru's port. Day cruises are perfect for people seeking the impressive near-water level views our boats offer as they travel around the canal.
Reserve seats on a day cruise(This link leads to an external reservation website)
Night Cruises(cruises after sunset)
The Otaru Canal is most romantic at night. After sunset the old warehouses on the banks of the South Canal are illuminated and the gas powered lights around the canal reflect beautifully on the water surface. Why not enjoy a leisurely 35 to 40 minute cruise through this picturesque setting with somebody special?
Reserve seats on a night cruise(This link leads to an external reservation website)


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Telephone (Japanese only)

Otaru Canal Cruise Ticket Centre
Buisiness Hours: 10:00 - end of the last cruise of the day

Please read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page before contacting us.

We can normally only respond to telephone calls in Japanese. When our English and Chinese speaking staff are at the ticket center, we can respond to calls in these languages.

ご案内カモメPlease feel free to inquire about the following:

  • Operating status

  • More information about our canal cruises

  • Making/cancelling bookings

  • Private charters and group bookings

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