Reservation for private charter cruises

ご案内カモメPlease make a reservation at least 10 days before your selected cruise date.
If there is anything you are unsure of, please check our frequently asked questions page.
Please read the information below before making a reservation.

About bad weather

If we have to cancel your cruise because of bad weather, we will provide a full refund.

About cancellation fees and changing cruise times

The following cancellation fees will apply if for some reason you decide to cancel:

- 2 to 7 days before cruise date: 20% of charter fee
- 1 day before cruise date: 50% of charter fee
- On-day of cruise: 100% of charter fee

If for some reason you would like to change your cruise time, please call us by 12:00pm of the day before your cruise date. Again, please be aware that changing times on-the day of your cruise is normally not possible.

Payment methods

Please pay by credit card. Payment details can be provided through the reservation form.

Charter Day Cruises
(cruises before sunset)
Day cruises are perfect for people seeking the impressive near-water level views that our boats offer, and people wanting to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere the beautiful old buildings and retro gas-powered lights around the canal create. We reccommend this plan for birthdays for family or friends, kindergarten and schools outings, work trips etc.
Check availability(This link leads to an external reservation website)
Charter Night Cruises
(cruises after sunset)
After sunset the old warehouses on the banks of the South Canal are illuminated and the gas powered lights around the canal reflect beautifully on the water surface. Enjoy a leisurely 35 to 40 minute cruise through this picturesque setting. Our night cruises are popular for special occasions such as birthdays, marriage proposals, wedding anniversaries and so on.
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