Otaru Canal Cruise


Today's Timetable (January 17)

Cruise No.DepartureArrival
1Day Cruise10:3011:10
2Day Cruise11:0011:40
3Day Cruise11:3012:10
4Day Cruise12:0012:40
5Day Cruise12:3013:10
Cruise No.DepartureArrival
6Day Cruise13:0013:40
7Day Cruise13:3014:10
8Day Cruise14:0014:40
9Day Cruise14:3015:10
10Day Cruise15:0015:40
Cruise No.DepartureArrival
11Day Cruise15:3016:10
12Day Cruise16:0016:40
13Day Cruise16:3017:10
14Night Cruise17:0017:40
15Night Cruise17:3018:10
Cruise No.DepartureArrival
16Night Cruise18:0018:40
  • Ticket sales for each cruise close 15 minutes before departure.
  • Cruises may be cancelled because of poor weather conditions.

All Timetables

You can view the timetables for each month in PDF format by clicking on the links below.


January 1st – 10th 11th – 31st
February 1st – 8th
9th – 18th
19th – 28th
March 1st – 8th 9th – 31st

The cruise duration is approximately 40 minutes.